A downloadable game for Windows

You find yourself in a cavern after arriving with your master to locate the priestess, after her soldiers mysterious were supposedly betrayed by her.  With the death of your master, you have little choice but to complete the mission only no one is telling the same story.  Search the tower, solve puzzles and find the connection to the tales to discover what happened and why.  No levels, only weapons that will make you stronger and orcs who are willing to sell you things by giving them various things from copper, silver and gold!

Because of a mistake on my upload, uploading the wrong file I am going to add an alt link, for those who want to play my game. It  isn't going to help me with the contest, but it will give you the ability to play the game.  (o_o') It wasn't easy to tell what I should have uploaded.

ALT LINK:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/a9vxndpbdeh8j15/IGMC%202017.zip?dl=0

NOTE:  I will add a MAC version if it is requested.  



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You can download from Itch.io now as I have updated the game link to the proper game.  I messed up the first time and put the wrong file as the download.